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Learn from a world champion – Eyelash Extension course

Eyelash Extensions Certification Training

Our Eyelash Extension Course has been designed specifically for trainees who wish to pursue a career as an Eyelash Extension Artist, as well as people that have no formal training in the beauty industry, or Artists that wish to improve their skills.

Your trainer will work directly with you, stepping through a comprehensive set of theory, covering lash design and application techniques, as well as exposing you to several lash design options.

Eyelash Extension Course is provided by a master lash artist in real Eyelash Extension Salon, where you will gain real hands-on experience. You will perform your first eyelash extension application under the supervision of our principal trainer, Kiyoe.  Kiyoe will teach everything that you need to know and give you tips and knowledge which she gained from her own personal lash journey.

On completion of the training sessions, you will know how to correctly apply lash extensions with a focus on the best technique and quality. You will also learn the essential tools and accessories of the trade, how to use them and how to apply Glues, Primers, infills, Removers and so on.

Maximum Student / Teacher ratio 3:1

  • Salon Experience
  • Huge return on investment
  • All materials provided
  • Personalized and tailored small class
  • Ongoing support and help
  • You will receive a Lash Professional Certificate in Eyelash Extensions
  • Free Lash Extension Essentials kit (Worth $500)

This unique training is unlike any other course available, this is very personalised, 3 on 1 training for trainees who are very passionate and really want to excel in their skill and are looking for complete personal attention. Unlike other training facilities, you are not competing amongst a class of 10 students for the trainer’s attention, here you get the focus, help, and support that you need to succeed.

On completion of this course, you will be eligible to go onto to study our Eyelash Extensions – Advanced course, where you will further your skills using advanced eyelash extension design methods, also known as Russian Volume Lashes. This course is designed to give trainees a complete understanding on how to set up your treatment room and workstation, preferred industry products, beauty supplier contacts, beauty industry media and associations. You will learn diary management and client communication skills, salon marketing and further training on how to establish and run your eyelash extensions business.

What is ‘Salon Experience?

Once you have completed your course, we offer students return visits to our salons.

Here you can practise, practise, practise!! And ask any concerns or questions.

You can keep practising your new skills under the supervision of a trainer who can continue coaching you – to help you build more confidence, help you keep up the momentum, practise on improving and perfecting your new skills and help you increase your speed to meet with industry standards.

Why train with us?

Our trainer Kiyoe is Owner, Operator, Head Lash Artist and Trainer of KikiLashes, Kiyoe has many years of experience in eyelash extensions and has built KikiLashes a reputation in the industry.

Salon Experience – we go through all your questions and concerns to make sure that a set of lash extensions is done correctly and professionally

Learn Lash business Know-How, not only eyelash extension skills – we are here to help you to succeed in your new career

Learn from a world champion – Kiyo is a multiple award winner lash artist who tirelessly strives to be better at her craft, teaching her staff members and students as well as entering global competitions and attending conferences

Her award history

Competition Judge – Tokyo Eyelash Competition Tokyo Japan, Oct 2019

1st Place Mega Volume Expert – World of Beauty Eyelash Championship Las Vegas United State, June 2019

1st Place 2D/3D Volume Expert – World of Beauty Eyelash Championship Las Vegas United State, June 2019

3rd Place Classic Expert – World of Beauty Eyelash Championship Las Vegas United State, June 2019

1st Place Volume Lash Expert – Tokyo Eyelash Conference Tokyo Japan, February 2019

1st Special Recognition Award by Aile Beauty Academy Tokyo Japan, February 2019

1st Special Recognition Award by Perfect Lash Japan, Tokyo Japan, February 2019

1st Special Recognition Award by Hills Eyelash Extensions, Tokyo Japan, February 2019

2nd Place Volume Lash Expert Pro Series Eyelash Competition, Australia, July 2018

2nd Place Classic Expert – Eyelash World Cup Tokyo Japan, February 2018


About Me

My name is Kiyoe Tagawa (Kiki), I arrived in Sydney, Australia just under 8 years ago from Japan, with only two words of English ‘Thank you” ‘I am sorry’ and little money, I studied English and management while working full-time to pay for tuition fees.

I was working for $8 per hour at a bakery shop and Japanese restaurant for ridiculous amount of hours back in 2013, I was working for peanuts. (The minimum hourly rate in NSW was $19.)  $8 per hour was not enough to cover all my expenses in Sydney which has a high cost of living.

My English was that poor that I could not get a job where I can earn decent money. I felt miserable, inadequate and had low esteem at times, I wanted to change my life and do something better so that I could be confident.  At my lowest point, I decided to take an Online Eyelash Extensions Certification Training, and felt determined to create a positive change.

After the eyelash extensions training course and months of practice, I started to offer eyelash extension services in my room in a shared apartment in eastern suburb, a year later I moved to northern beaches and continued to make ladies beautiful. During this time, I was also offering a mobile service where I travelled around suburb to suburb in Sydney. I have encountered so many wonderful people and have met many celebrities.

A short time after I decided to open my first Kikilashes shop in Cremorne, Sydney, then after two successful years I opened two more KikiLashes one in Willoughby, Sydney and another in CrowsNest, Sydney.  I now manage three stores with 15 staff members as well as being a principal lash artist at KikiLashes.

I have never looked back, and my passion continues to grow.  All from those small beginnings, my dreams have become reality. It was never easy, but Trust me, it is going to be worth it. My next mission is to give aspiring lash artists the necessary skills and confidence to be able to start their own lash business – I hope to contribute to your new career in some way and would love to share my lash journey with you. 


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    Classic  eyelash extension training

    Beginner level: Tools used for applying eyelash extensions

    1. Eyelash extensions glue (adhesive for professionals)

    2. Eyelash extensions remover

    3. Eyelash extensions tweezers

    4. Synthetic hair for eyelash extensions

    5. Pretreatment primer

    6. The roles of adhesive tape for securing lower lashes and disposable eye protection pads

    7. Air blowers and combs

    Intermediate level: Practice applying to a mannequin

    1. Consulting clients

    2. Eyelash extensions design

    3. Before starting the procedures~ what is pretreatment?

    4. Attaching eyepatches/tape

    5. Cleaning

    6. Eyelash extensions application procedures

    7. Attaching synthetic hair

    8 .Removing eyelash extensions

    9. Application infills procedures

    10. Lower eyelash extensions application process

    Advanced level: Practicing the entire procedure on a model

    1. Promoting and Advertising

    2. Starting and growing a your business

    3. Understanding the risks

    4. Customer correspondence

    5. Complications that can occur

     Practicing on models

    1. Checking the tools before applying on models

    2. Performing patch test

    3. Procedures when applying on models

    4. the significance of consulting

    5. Practicing work done with models

    6. infills

    7. FAQ – from the client

    Volume Lash Training

    1. Introduction

    2. Theory

    3. The best volume tweezers

    4. How to hold tweezers

    5. Setup

    6. My essentials

    7. Pre pick up skills

    8. Pick up

    9. Short and long fan practice

    10. Bigger fans

    11. Glue dipping

    12. Sponge practice application

    13. Fan application

    14. Correct fan direction

    15. Creating density

    Book Training Now

    Make an inquiry and register for Lash Plus Academy today – $250 deposit, please read our terms.

      Lash Plus Academy offers Classic and Volume training courses – get real-life salon experience.

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